Week #12


Hello there,

Life admin, it sucks. And hence, side hustles get pushed to the side.

This 2 month disappearance has been the result of the corporate architecture world, summer sunshine maximization balanced with much needed slumber. Additionally things on Space Invaders will be changing ever so slightly and I'm not entirely sure how this will unfold, but watch the space. 


As per usual, you will find shenanigans at the bottom.


classical music to accompany your reading, press play.

Yo-Yo Ma and Kathryn Stott performing The Swan (Le Cygne composed by Camille Saint-Saens). It is the last movement of "The Carnival of the Animals".

1. fun fact

Hudson Yards is the largest private development in New York City since rockerfeller center. 

The development by Related and Oxford Properties is costing a total of 20 Billion and sits on top of the rail yards for the trains the service Penn Station. 



2. sexy sectional 

A classic renzo special.

The MUSE building in Trento, Italy. Completed 2013.


3. render

A render does not NECESSARILY have to be hyper-realistic.

Here is the Bartlett's MArch winner of the 2018 Architecture Medal, Elliott Bishop. His thesis, entitled, The Sweet Proposal: A Cautionary Tale Of The Corporate City, talks about urban privatization and the possibility of corporate control over governments, the job, housing and nutrition markets.

4. building of the week.

temppeliaukion kirkko

by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen

helsinki, finland

Chosen building is inspired by a gram post of the Temppeliaukion Kirkko in Helsinki, Finland, taken by my old friend Neha whilst on her travels.


Take me to church ✨ (only if it looks like this)

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Planning for the temple began in the 1930s, however design progress was interrupted when World War II began. A third architectural competition was held after the war and was won by Timo Suomalainen and Tuomo Suomalainen in 1961. About a quarter of the original plan was constructed due to economic constraints and construction started in February of 1968.

The interior of the Lutheran church is completely carved out of rock as the building's form is sunk into the landscape. A large piece of concrete hovers above the entrance, as natural light bathes the church interior as it enters through the skylight of the copper dome.


Copper dome.

Copper dome.

Building entrance.

Building entrance.

5. archi-  tech  -ture

A very cool video that graced the homepage of dezeen earlier this year is the work cone by MIT Media Lab's Tangible Media Group. A sheet of paper, plastic or fabric can be transformed into dynamic complex forms. Watch the video below. 


6. Over classical music? enjoy this classic. pink floyd, money.


7. Archi-gram

Insta find for the week is @fatfacades based out of the UK. Follow if you're into facade details.

8. architectural spotlight - this is...

sir nicholas grimshaw


Esteemed UK architect formed Nicholas Grimshaw & Partners in 1980. Prior to this he worked in partnership with Terry Farrell for 15 years. Grimshaw's father was an engineer and mother was a portrait painter. 

His works are mostly noted for their modernist aesthetic which include London's Waterloo Railway Station and the Eden Project. 

Grimshaw and Partners is now a global firm with over 500 staff worldwide. 

See below for what buildings they have been responsible for.

New York City's Fulton Street Station. 

New York City's Fulton Street Station. 

Eden project in Cornwall, completed in 2001.

Eden project in Cornwall, completed in 2001.

Cutty Shark Restoration project was heavily critiqued by the architecture community. Can't say I'm personally a fan...

Cutty Shark Restoration project was heavily critiqued by the architecture community. Can't say I'm personally a fan...





1. A Canine friend

Hero! by my all time favourite, @thedogist

Hero, German Shepherd (3 m/o), Via dei Giubbonari, Rome, Italy

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2. Babe

Is an intro really needed?

With a 10 month old baby, Serena Williams recently played in the Wimbledon Women's finals. Unfortunately she was not able to overcome opponent Angelique Kerber to equal Margaret Court's 24 major wins. But she was pretty damn close!


3. Boy

"Wakanda Forever", that's right, Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan. 


4. stair porn

Stella McCartney sitting on the stairs designed by Stella and her team in the new 23 Old Bond store in London. Check out the rest of the store here.


5. Art

Some ridiculously cool work by Peter Gronquist. His works offer a commentary on what he refers to as a "hyper-American" society. Past works have included taxidermy as part of his medium. 


6. object

Hehehehe theses awesome ceramic plant holders are available here.  They are the creations of Sonia Rose McCall, a Georgia Tech industrial design graduated who used ceramics as part of an "internship to herself" after graduating. 

7. Wanderlust

In ode to my upcoming roadtrip here is Lake Powell, Reflection Canyon, Glen Canyon, taken by Mike Reyfman.


8. don't do this at home.

i guess common sense isn't that common.



9. yikes...



12. LOL

That is quite the feat.

This is all time.

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13. and that's a wrap! here's some 'new' music.

Oh John Mayer... apparently he got sick of everyone fighting about the video budget so he stormed out and went to Bar Mitzvah video making place; and there the video of New Light was born.  



Till next week my friends. #dab-out.

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