Yes, I have emerged; well somewhat, from the blackhole of life admin. As part of my constant crusade for personal boredom management I have decided to start a weekly bulletin/newsletter/blog that will be delivered to you at 3:30 on a Tuesday. Why Tuesday you ask? Because in my opinion it’s the worst day of the week. (See below). Why 3:30? Because it's when you probably want to have 5 minutes of solace in the bathroom cubicle and sit down on the toilet lid and close your eyes.
So without further adieu…
Be prepared for any of the following and more:
    - Tunes, something classical and something more recent.
    - A canine friend.
    - A doodle/illustration. (by me)
And of course architecture.
    - A building.
    - A fun fact (because who doesn't love trivia?)
    - A meme (pronounced me-eem for the older generation).
    - Food for thought.

Ash Low