Week #1


Welcome to my first post! To be brutally honest I'm definitely feeling the heat. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to share with your clique. You can subscribe here.

In case you were wondering, this week has been so far so good! Monday was stellar. 

If you wish to skip the architecture, feel free to head straight to the shenanigans at the bottom.




Location: Rome, Italy

The current Pantheon as we know today, was built in 120 AD by Emperor Hadrian in collaboration with designer Apollodorus of Damascus (who was later executed due to a design dispute).  

The first time I was lucky enough to see this building, we actually stumbled across it by pure accident. The space is truly breath taking, as you look up and see the coffered ceiling. 


Clearly the greatest feat. of this building is the giant dome and oculus at the centre. The weight of the material decreases at the top of the dome, and whilst it appears to be perfectly spherical from the interior, the dome has a flattened appearance when viewed from the exterior.

flattened dome.jpg

Click here for more fun facts! (Image credits: here and here.)


2. press play and enjoy some classical music

Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune performed by Inon Barnatan. Unsure whether I ever devoted enough practice to master this one... (most likely no). 

3. An Architectural Model

Here is Toyo Ito's Sendai Mediatheque. 

Picture taken by me at MoMA's Japan exhibition in 2015.

Picture taken by me at MoMA's Japan exhibition in 2015.

4. Lost in Translation

GIB (NZ) aka. DRYWALL/sheet rock (USA)

It's also referred to as drywall in UK/AUS but only kiwis use GIB!



5. the present aka. not-so-ancient times (but ancient like your great/grandparents?

The Woolworth Building

Location: 233 Broadway, New York, NY 10007, USA

The Woolworth building has been a long standing veteran of architecture porn in New York city. Built between 1910 and 1912, the building was designed by architect Cass Gilbert and structural engineer Gunvald Aus. 

Weekend 4_Edited_3.jpg

The building is currently under renovation and the top seven levels are being converted into a penthouse with a price tag of $110 million. The most expensive apartment downtown Manhattan has ever seen.

6. is this real life?

An insane architectural render by none other than the exceptional MIR.no

7. The Future - ds+R's tower d and culture shed, hudson yards

15 Hudson Yards aka Tower D, is currently under construction with completion scheduled for late 2018. 

Referred to as a 'giant butt crack' (by some) the curved facade manufactured by curtain wall fabricators (New Hudson Facades) is achieved by using a technique called Cold Bending. Glass units are fabricated as flat units that are slightly non-rectangular. When the curtain wall units are installed on site, brute force is used to pull the unit into its anchorage and final curved form. 

(Why do I know this? Because it's my job. *awkward*).

8. architectural Spotlight - This is...

Herzog and de Meuron

Jacques Herzog (left) and Pierre de Meuron (right), form the badass Pritzker prize winning duo in 2001, base their headquarters in Basel, Switzerland. 

Image credit: archdaily

Image credit: archdaily

We can thank them for the...

Birdsnest in Shanghai, China

The de Young Museum in San Francisco, California

56 Leonard, New York, USA


among many others!

(Over classical music? enjoy the beach boys)


1. A Canine friend

This is Crosby, taken by @thedogist 

Golden Retrievers, are a personal fave.


2. Babe

New Zealand's very own Georgia Fowler


3. Space invader of FLW's (Frank Lloyd Wright) Falling Water



4. Boy

Sonny Bill Williams getting his shirt replaced at the 2015 Rugby World Cup. A fine specimen of human being as Logs would agree. 


5. stair porn

Because who doesn't love to walk up/down a sexy flight of stairs!?

Chelsea penthouse by Zachary Pulman Design Studio 

stairporn 1

6. Art

Surrealism at its finest. I'm currently obsessed with the work by Mike Dargas a great instagram find. Read more here.


7. object

I mean who really uses/needs a bedside table clock these days? As a matter of fact, who even has room for a bedside table in New York City? Nevertheless I still want one...

Brick Marble Click Clock by Ginko Electronics. 

brick clock.jpg

8. Wanderlust

Of course a clearly biased choice... Waitomo Caves, New Zealand

9. harsh realities

Whilst we complain and moan about our work week, sometimes we forget about those who really are struggling. Here are some photos and a clip of Hurricane Maria's path of destruction in Puerto Rico. 

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images News / Getty Images

10. doodle

Afternoon boredom management. Boredom management = The purpose of life?

This was a short film Melane Pau and I made way back.

11. LOL

Some people are just too funny. The person who wrote this meme were clearly super excited about their witty brain explosion as they forgot to include the word "to". But thank you @just1ofthem for bringing much laughter to our household on Monday.


Little and Friday (Auckland, New Zealand) have beautifully mastered the love triangle and interdependent relationship between dairy, sugar and fat, by lining Aucklanders' stomachs with deep fried pillowcases of jam (NOT JELLY) and cream. Humana humana drooooool.

13. and that's a wrap! here's some 'new' music.

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for JM's music. Here is John Mayer's new song Still Feel Like Your Man. The video clip is so random. 



Till next week my friends. #dab-out.

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