Week #8

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Haere Ra, NZ

I'm back, NY

And Ready to Rock!

Or am I???

It's true, the longer you stay at home, the harder it is to leave. Earlier this week I left the little slice of paradise in my life that I adore, for some new adventures back in the Big Apple.

I like to take risks, but they're always calculated. I think of it as, a really really big pool, it can be as deep or vast as it wants, but I just need to be able to swim to the side if need be. (I hate open water swimming).

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And like always shenanigans are at the bottom.


To set the mood... press play and enjoy some classical music

Seeing as it's Christmas here is the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky. Enjoy!

1. The Maypole


Architect: Plus Architects (Aus)

Location: 10 Commerce Street, Auckland, New Zealand

Joy oh Joy another travesty set to hit the Acukland skyline. Designed by Plus Architecture this $300 million-dollar project is to rise 57 stories (192m/629ft) and is the child of developer Hengyi Pacific projects. An awkward curtain wall glass ribbon twists up the tower like a maypole. I really don't know how else to describe it. Lead designer Jaimin Atkins from Plus Architecture says, "the building's glass facade was designed to reflect the surrounding city and waterfront, and the Maori Pikorua motif of two intertwined pikopiko ferns was meant to be represented in the "twist" pattern on the building's exterior."

Maybe a little too literal mate?

New addition to the skyline??

New addition to the skyline??


2. Phew!

Auckland Art Gallery Toi o TAmaki

Architect: FJMT (AUS) + Archimedia

Location: Wellesley Street East, Auckland, New Zealand

Probably my favourite building in the city co-designed by… Australians! Hey, it's awesome and I think the addition to the existing gallery is the perfect size for the city. Moreover, who can fault the patterning and craftmanship on the wooden canopy soffit. Fun Fact: It received World Building of the Year in 2013.


3. Something different...

Hundertwasser Museum

Architect: Hundertwasser

Location: Whangarei, New Zealand

From an architectural perspective, not sure what I think of this art centre… (it looks a bit like Noddy land in my opinion) but good on Whangarei for raising the money to get this project to happen. Austrian artist Friedensreigh Hundertwasser has designed the facility as a "treasure box" of his own and contemporary Maori artists. Hundertwasser has designed the building as "human architecture" and one that is in harmony with nature. His painting style is echoed in his building designs. The building will be two levels and will contain two galleries, a theatre, café, learning centre and of course shop. A contemporary Maori art gallery will be on the ground floor.

I'm intrigued to see it when it's finally completed!

Proposed gallery in Whangarei.

Proposed gallery in Whangarei.

An exemplar of an existing Hundertwasser building.

An exemplar of an existing Hundertwasser building.

One of his paintings.

One of his paintings.

4. in the south,

Christchurch Public Library

Architect: Architectus (NZ) + Schmidt Hammer Lassen (DEN)

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

In collaboration with Schmidt Hammer Larsen (DEN), Architectus (AUS/NZ) haive designed the new library for Christchurch, post the 2011 earthquake. The library is currently under construction and is due to be completed in 2018. The design speaks to the cultural traditions of Ngai Tahu through the way the form is an elevated building of knowledge, similar to a storehouse (Pataka) that is raised on posts. The Pataka is veiled with a folded exterior, that sits in front of a glass façade. The library hopes to revive and increase activity to Cathedral Square.

Building partii and arrangement.

Building partii and arrangement.

A longitudinal section, where you can see the topography of the building, particularly on the roof.

A longitudinal section, where you can see the topography of the building, particularly on the roof.


6. Architecture Terminology

Bach (NZ) = Sort of Cabin/Beach House (Everywhere else)

Bach, pronounced like 'batch'.

Not to sound like a prude, but you don't really understand the true meaning of the word bach till you experience one. The quintiessential kiwi bach sits humble compared to its surroundings. They are a kiwi's private getaway from the 'city'. Initially it was the bare minimum of an abode, with its inhabitants subsisting on tank water, and no electricity. However, as humans have become more sophisticated, so has the bach. Bearing in mind that if you bowl down your original < 80m2 structure and replace it with something new, it is then referred to as a holiday home.


4. is this real life?

This work is entitled Mad Men, by MIR. Building design by SOM, in Beijing, China. 


5. architectural Spotlight - This is...

Stevens Lawson Architects

New Zealand duo Nicholas Stevens and Gary Lawson established Stevens Lawson Architects in 2002. Thrown into the limelight for their cutting edge residential designs, Stevens Lawson are well known in the architecture world. They have won New Zealand Home of the Year four times and have received 18 NZIA National Awards. 

Their architecture grounds itself seamlessly within nature; their material choices meticulously calculated. Each building has a carefully articulated form that gives it a fresh uniqueness and sculptural quality.

Nicholas Stevens (left) Gary Lawson (right)

Nicholas Stevens (left) Gary Lawson (right)

New Zealand can thank them for these outstanding projects...

Te Kaitaka, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Te Kaitaka, Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Sculpture on the Gulf, At Waiheke island.

Sculpture on the Gulf, At Waiheke island.

Above is the Rock house, and the rock is part of the house.

The Blyth Performing Arts Centre, Havelock North, New Zealand.

The Blyth Performing Arts Centre, Havelock North, New Zealand.

Interior of the auditorium.

Interior of the auditorium.


(Over classical music? Check this)

Aretha Franklin's I Say A Little Prayer. 


1. A Canine friend

Again taken by The Dogist. I think I've shown Maverick to nearly everyone I've seen this week. He's just so bloomin' cute. Fun fact, Samoyed were breed by eskimos and at night would sleep on their owners to keep them warm at night. Awwwwwwwww


2. Babe

This young babe is totally "crushing it" (hate that term) as a superhero in my current favourite series, Stranger Things.

3. Space invader of the Chrysler building by william van alen



4. Boy

American Professional surfer and 11 time World Surfing champion, Kelly Slater. He won five consecutive titles between 1994-1998. What a champ! 

Barreling away.

Barreling away.

5. stair porn

This staircase was constructed from 400 wooden slats and sits in the office of LMVH. Designed by Ora Ito.

6. Art

Entitled "The Orb" this sculpture contains a bridge which connects two buildings at the Betsy Hotel, South Beach, Florida. 

7. object

Need a fancy christmas present for your pup?? How about a Woof Dog Bowl Luxe by Bendo? Only $39.99.



8. Wanderlust

The incredible Mount Taranaki (or what is referred to as just "the Naki"), on the West coast of the North Island in New Zealand.


9. harsh realities

And the fires in California are still burning...

The Thomas Fire is now being referred to as a mega fire and is being fueled by ongoing drought coupled with low humidity and the unforgiving Santa Ana winds. 

10. doodle

My secret concoction of objects that enables me to sleep on long haul flights. What works for you?



11. LOL

And to get us in the festive season... learn from other people's mistakes...

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Checked out a neighbourhood place that we'd never been to before called Sauce & Barrel, located on Washington Street in the Financial District. 

It was good. 

I got a mushroom pizza and added some sausage. So yummy. I rate!

The inside.

The inside.

Someone else's picture of a pizza, which is that Neapolitan styled based. So good.

Someone else's picture of a pizza, which is that Neapolitan styled based. So good.


13. and that's a wrap! here's some 'new' music.

Matt Corby, an incredible Australian artist. Really gutted I missed out seeing him live... having faith that there will be a 'next time'. This deserves your full attention. 


Oh and Merry Christmas! (Happy Holidays...!)



Till next week my friends. #dab-out.

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