Week #7


Woop woop!

It's official, I'm coming back baby!


The other week I went fishing for the first time. I caught three things (2 snapper, one undersized, one 300mm and a rock). I would've caught another fish but it got away... and Logan had a crazy fish or something which snapped the line... *sigh*  It's like pokemon catching except you don't know what it was!

The skull (aka vanitas and representative of life/death) photo was taken when I first touched down in US in 2014 and had a cracker of a time (by myself) at the California Academy of Science. 

Similarly, this week's theme speaks to those projects that died, or never quite made it to breaking ground...

If you're here just for the shenanigans knock yourself out. 


Some classical music for this week!

Yes, I am fully aware that it is half an hour long, but this piano concerto (in A Minor) by Edvard Greig is amazing. You will most likely recognise the first part.


1. some 'food for thought'... throwback

The other week I asked the question...


Do you think there should be one or is it several?

And it seems like archdaily have their own answer... Click here to read.


2. them Strayans...

Flinder's Street Station

Architects: HassELL & Herzog and de meuron

Location: Flinder's street station, Melbourne, Australia

Back in 2013 the Victorian State Government in Australia held a highly publicised competition to re-imagine the Flinder's Street Station in Melbourne. The shortlist of six entries from 117 included heavyweights Herzog and de Meuron, Zaha Hadid, Grimshaw and John Wardle. They even held a public vote to help assist with design decision.

HASSELL (Aus) and Herzog and de Meuron won the competition design by the Jury despite not winning the "People's Choice Award." The jury felt that their design would "offer the best experience for rail travellers with a layout that was spacious, comfortable and easy to get around."

The people's poll attracted 19,000 attendee's and had voted University of Melboune's: Eduardo Velasquez, Manuel Pineda and Santiage Medina as the winners.

Unfortunately Melbournites will not be getting a new station due to a multi-billion dollar (AU $2B) cost which the government considers a lot of money for very little gain…

3. them POMS...

Garden Bridge

ARCHITECT: Thomas heatherwick studios

Location: River Thames, London, United Kingdom

Due to lack of support from the London mayor Sadiq Khan the Garden Bridge Trust charity, set up to construct and maintain the $200 million pound Garden Bridge officially closed its doors in mid-August 2017.

The concept was first unveiled by Heatherwick studios in 2013, to create a new pedestrian bridge. Two fluted piers would support a heavily planted walkway and the simple idea to connect North and South London with a garden. As the 'slowest' way to cross the river, the bridge was intended to give pedestrians a chances to enjoy the cityscape in a place where "the only sounds will be birdsong and bees buzzing and the wind in the trees, and below the steady rush of water."


4. the yanks...

Architects: BIG aka. Bjarke Ingels Group 

Location: manhattan, New York, USA

Yes we have the Highline (Diller Scofidio + Renfro) , Lowline (RAAD Studio) AND the Dryline propsal by Bjarke Ingels Group or more commonly known as BIG. The project vision comes as a futureproofing intiative after Hurricane Sandy (2012). The project is envisaged as a protective ribbon that wraps around the edge of Manhattan (particularly the bottom), transforming its waterfront spaces into better public parks and amenities.

5. and in the orient...

Changsha Meishihu International Cultural Centre

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects

Location: Changsha, China

Not much has happened since 2013, when the late Zaha's team dreamed up this organic performance venue fit for an audience of 1,800. The general form composition is described by three main petals off a central atrium. All standard high performance functions have been included (lobbies, cloakrooms, VIP catering and all ancillary functions rehearsal, admin etc). 

The pedestrians routes intersect the building at the central plaza. These routes are further extended to the neighbouring streets creating a connection with the wider context. 


6. and us kiwis...

Christchurch Metro Sports Centre

Architect: Warren and Mahoney

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Budget blowouts and more recently poor QS-ing (Quantity Surveying) is the demise of many projects, and the Christchurch Metro Sports Centre is one of its many victims. The project, designed by local architects Warren and Mahoney, seems to be in limbo as the contractor Leighs Cockram was sacked due to a $75 million dollar blowout.

The facility's original pricing at $217m grew to $246.3m, then again to $300m and finally a cool $321m. Other political sources say it is part of the new Government's decision to scale back the size of the facility.

Designed as a high-performance sports facility, the 30,000m² Metro Sports centre is set to include a 10-lane pool, hydro slides, indoor courts and then of course the usual gym stuff. Couldn't find much about the design but hopefully this project comes back online. 


7. A Solid Gold track. Fresh from 1957, Perry Como's Magic Moments.



8. An Architectural Model

A classic/favourite pic. Eero Saarinen inside the model of the TWA terminal. His practice we renowned for it model making and Saarinen liked to get very hands on. Word on the street was his employees worked overtime ONLY...


9. wonderground...?

SubTropolis is a slightly different take on a storage facility; 160 ft Under the surface of Kansas City, Missouri, lies a 55,000,000 sq foot man made cave. Said to be the largest in the world, SubTropolis has a grid of tunnels that are separated by 25ft (7.6m) square limestone pillars. The space was originally the Bethany Falls limestone mine. Each year approximately 13,000m2 of space is added to the mine. Throughout the year the mine maintains temperatures between 65-70°F (18-21°C) and is occupied by roughly 50 businesses and organisations. 

Watch the following video by Great Big Story for more info.


10. undercover celebs

Tom Ford studied architect at the Parsons School of Design: The New School before switching to fashion.

His movie "A Single Man" speaks to his architectural background. See trailer below. 


Well, obviously not. But a few days ago the annual "Drawing of the Year" winners were announced. 

My personal favourite was this piece entitled Cinderella's Lost Shoe, which received 3rd Prize and is by Ifigeneia Liangi (Greece) from The Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, UK.

Click here for the rest of the winners.


12. architectural Spotlight - This is...

Andrew Patterson 

Keeping it local for a change.

Founder of Patterson Associates based in Parnell Auckland. Patterson started the company at the age of 26. A couple of weeks ago, Andrew received the Gold Medal at the New Zealand Architecture Awards. His firm is responsible for many well known modern buildings in civic, commercial and residential capacities. 

The Michael Hill Clubhouse in Queenstown. One of nine finalists at the World Architecture awards in 2008. 

The Michael Hill Clubhouse in Queenstown. One of nine finalists at the World Architecture awards in 2008. 

The Mai Mai House, located in Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand.  Listed as a finalist in the World Architecture Awards 2008, in the House category. 

The Mai Mai House, located in Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand.

Listed as a finalist in the World Architecture Awards 2008, in the House category. 

Len Lye Centre in New Plymouth, New Zealand, has a highly polished stainless steel facade. 

Len Lye Centre in New Plymouth, New Zealand, has a highly polished stainless steel facade. 

Commercial office building, Anvil,  Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. 

Commercial office building, Anvil,  Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand. 

And of course, my personal favourite. 

Scrubby Bay House, a beautiful farmhouse-esque home located in a remote part of Canterbury along the Banks Peninsula can only be accessed by helicopter. Personally, I'm not generally keen on full wood interiors, but I'm really digging this place and making an exception. The peak of its gable form is 5.4m and the macrocarpa, steel and stone was largely sourced from local suppliers. This house is also available for rent at a cool $3795 per night... click here for booking info and availability. (and don't forget to invite me).

A bay all to yourself...

A bay all to yourself...

13. And for the kiwis who are well rehearsed on andy's work, knock yourselves out with this awesome link of 

manhattan skyscrapers!


1. A Canine friend

This is Dizzy, who's so cute he's probably been adopted already.


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2. Babe

Bethany Hamilton, Pro surfer from the USA who survived a shark attack in 2003 but lost her arm. She was attacked by a 14ft (4.3m) long tiger shark. 


3. Space invader of the casa de musica by oma 

A 'cool', 'quirky' building in Porto, Portugal. I visited this building with a bunch of archi nerds back in 2010, but lost all of my photos from the Portugal womp womp... It's like a big spaceship.

Taken by me, circa 2016? from Fulton Street.

Taken by me, circa 2016? from Fulton Street.


4. Boy

Eye candy, and Canadian actor/model Nick Bateman who specialises in Karate?

Apparently he is quite good at karate-ing.


5. stair porn

Some urban stair porn that's open to the public! Here are the Fort Worth Water Gardens by Philip Johnson in Fort Worth, Texas, USA.


6. Art

Here is a pretty cool marble run installation by COS and Snarkitecture. Currently on exhibition at the Gana Art Gallery in Seoul, South Korea. The work titled, Loop is made from metal tracks that are suspended from the ceiling. 

7. object

Wouldn't mind one of these terrarium globes by Richard Clarkson (who I believe is a kiwi but now based in Brooklyn, New York). Be prepared to be set back at least $210 for one of these babies. *nervous laughter* (but it's so pretty)...

Slightly embarassing but I always thought the word was teranium woops.

8. Wanderlust

I was very conflicted about whether to insert this as the artist for the week, but David Burdney captured a full series of incredible aerial images of the Salt Lakes in Utah. Click here for more. 


9. Lost in Translation

Mufti (NZ/other commonwealth countries) = 'normal clothing/not uniform" (Everywhere else)

Fun Fact: Mufti actually originates from the Arabic term Mufti, meaning Islamic Scholar. 

Flashbacks to primary and high school when we would have mufti days that would occur approximately once a school term (4 times a year). A charity would be decided upon and you were allowed to wear your normal 'cool' clothes to school. i.e not school uniform on the proviso you would make a minimum gold coin donation ($1 or $2 NZD).

Culturally it was the chance to parade around in your new kicks or roxy boardshorts. Alternatively if you were 'too cool' you would rock the casual chic look, which at my school consisted of school trackies, Ugg boot (results may vary). It was an attempt to not care about mufti day but comply and then stupidly conform since everyone else was doing the same thing.



10. harsh realities

The missing ARA San Juan from Argentina has been missing for over 15 days after a reported explosion on board led to its demise at the bottom of the ocean. The sub went missing off the coast of Patagonia. 44 people were on board. Navy Captain Enrique Balbi has announced that no-one will be rescued.

Families are demanding that the search be resumed after it was called off.


11. Meanwhile...

Sounds like this guy needed some neat feet... or to change his socks...?!

12. doodle

Over the weekend we saw some pretty cool lilypads and flowers at the Brick Bay Sculpture Farm and Winery. Have to say though, that translucent building is literally a stinkin' hot glasshouse that I wouldn't like to eat lunch in. 



13. LOL

That kid is quite the artist...


So last week, I let you all in on my pie secret. I have one to add to the pie bucket list, it is the Crème de la Crème of pies. It is a rare treat and a mighty expensive one. Antoine's do a ridiculous Chicken, Leek and Wild Mushroom pie, approximately 5/8 the size of my face with perfectly baked flakey pastry and served with a side of broccoli and potato gratin; it'll set you back a cool $45 NZD excl GST. 

I bet you'll struggle to finish everything. 

15. and that's a wrap! here's some 'new' music.

Love Florence Welsh from Florence and the Machine. This Vevo Go show was performed at a small intimate venue in the UK. So jealous... Enjoy.



Till next week my friends. #dab-out.

I hope that I have credited everything. If not images are not mine unless stated, please click on the images and hyperlinks to their original sources :)