Week #6


Greetings three-thirty-itis-ers

Last week Jaime and I smashed out another competition, even though she's at the other end of the globe. I think my current fun-employment is also assisting communication. Will be posting our submission soon. This week we take a look at the Weird and Wonderful... ~~~

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And like always shenanigans are at the bottom.


To set the mood... press play and enjoy some classical music

Please listen to the Berliner Philharmoniker (Berlin Philharmonica) (probably the best in the world) perform Gustav Holst's Jupiter, the Bringer of Jolity. You're bound to recognise the staccato riff in the first half minute. I love it. 

The planets, a seven movement orchestral suite was written by Holst between 1914-1916 (World War I). Each piece was written to convey an emotion/psyche, hence the titles Venus, the Bringer of Peace etc. Jupiter is described by Sir Simon Rattle as a "mythical, fairytale England that may never exist again."


1. The weird... 

Exhibit A: 

La trobe university institute for molecular science

Architect: Lyon Architects

Location: Science Dr, Bundoora VIC 3083, Australia

I hate this building.

Why? Because it's tacky, ugly and screams basic.

My guess on the Architect's thoughts: Let's take a beehive geometry (which is scaled for bees) and turn it into a hive for humans. And because it's science lets use that hexagonal beehive geometry. 

Firstly, humans are not in anyway the size or ergonomic shape of a bee. Secondly, have some bloody imagination. And lastly, the interiors just look awkward.

Comments from the architects:  "The cellular exterior of the building is derived from ideas about expressing the molecular research that is being undertaken within the building."

Who would've guessed?


Exhibit b:

The Longaberger Headquarters aka Basket Building

Architect: Dave Longaberger (I mean who else?)

Location: Newark, Ohio, US

Founder Dave Longaberger wished to build this, and here we have it! I think one picture should suffice. 

Exhibit C:

TianduCheng Eiffel Tower

Architect: Well technically engineer Gustave Eiffel

Location: Tiandu Cheng Development, Zhejiang Province, China

A 108m tall replica of the one in Paris. Not sure if any of you noticed, but where the Gosh video clip from last week was filmed. 

The development is another one of China's failed luxury complexes which is now a ghost town. Part of the reason it is completely unoccupied is also due to its strange location way out in the countryside.


2. The Wonderful

Exhibit A:

Norwegian Reindeer Pavilion

Architect: Snøhetta

Location: Hjerkinnhusvegen 33, 2661 Hjerkinn, Norway

Absolutely love the organic interior literally carved out of wood, forming a place for visitors to come and sit in this remote pavilion. 


Exhibit: B

Delta Shelter

Architect: Olson Kundig Architects

Location: Mazama, Washington, USA

This cute core-ten steel cabin has a big wheel to close off the cosy interior from the outer world. 

Exhibit C: 

Yokohama Terminal aka. osanbashi pier

Architect: Foreign Office Architects

Location: Japan, 〒231-0002 Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama-shi, Naka-ku, Kaigandōri, 1丁目1番4号

This landform building is quite remarkable in the way it morphs tectonically out of a flat 430m long wharf creating a diverse experience for its users on the inside and outside. 

It is an emergent piece of transportation infrastructure and FOA's submission was selected from 600 entries. The design was made possible thanks to advances in Computer Aided design and is said to have been designed in section.

Farshid Moussavi and Alejandro Zaera-Polo the founders of Foreign Office Architects (husband and wife duo) have disbanded since 2009. 

The First Floor Plan of the building. 

The First Floor Plan of the building. 

A longitudinal section, where you can see the topography of the building, particularly on the roof. 

A longitudinal section, where you can see the topography of the building, particularly on the roof. 


3. An Architectural Model

Aramco Competition model crafted by Vincent de Rijk for OMA.


4. is this real life?

This week we have an extraordinary CGI (Computer Generated Image) film produced by Jorge Seva (who goes by the name of Alex Roman). The first time I watched the Third and the Seventh was at the witching hour in architecture studio. We all left poking each others faces asking each other if we were real or a render. Click here for an interview.

It is a 12 minute piece of digital art bliss. I hope you enjoy.


5. architectural Spotlight - This is...

Álvaro Siza

Born 25 June 1933 (age 84) is a Portuguese architect and Pritzker Prize recipient in 1992. 

He wears the crown as one of the successors from the early modernists.

His most famous works display an effortless simplicity. They have been "molded by light"; "they are honest" - quoted from the Pritzker jury. 

He's known for saying "architects don't invent anything, they just transform reality," - with the advent of more experimental architcture, Siza has managed to still maintain his 'restrained' style, with it discretely changing over the years.

Alice (Andersen) facilitated my encounter with Siza at a fully sold out talk at the Guggenheim. Siza had trouble understanding me when trying to write my name...

Boa Nova Tea house, Oporto, Portugal

Iberê Camargo Foundation, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Below, a for sure personal favourite. The Adega Mayor Winery in Portugal. I had the treat to visit this on an architecture tour with a bunch of architecture nerds. The client gave Siza the freedom to pick the exact position of the building on the land.

And his upcoming addition to the New York city skyline.... 611 West 56th Street.


(Over classical music? All time favourite)

No explanation needed. Hands down my favourite MJ tune. 


1. A Canine friend

Mellow says hi!!!

Another cutie pa-tootie taken by The Dogist.


2. Babe

Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde. If you just want straight up action, then I recommend. 

Charlize Theron, also in Atomic Blonde.

Charlize Theron, also in Atomic Blonde.

3. Space invader of I.M.Pei's addition to the Louvre



4. Boy

Adam Scott.

Not just a pretty boy for a rolex ad, but an exceptional Aussie golfer, with 29 professional wins and the winner of the Masters Tournament in 2013.

5. stair porn

Loving this pink staircase designed by IF Architecture based in Melbourne, Australia. You can find this gem in the Jardan Flagship store in Sydney.

6. Art

Some crazy photorealistic pastel work by Zaria Forman who is based in Brooklyn, New York. She uses her fingers to apply the paint and chalk to the paper. 

7. object

Such a great presentation idea for this bath mat, which is/was available here.


8. Wanderlust

An incredible pic taken by photographer Krystle J Wright of the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. 

9. harsh realities

For some environmental devastation: we all know about the bleached coral of the Great Barrier Reef. Apparently it might not be all that grim... scientists have been looking at giving it some fertility treatment! (Coral reef IVF?) Interesting. Maybe there is still hope!

10. doodle

Not sure if you remember, but a couple of newsletters ago I introduced you to Rusty and Millie. 

Millie is super greedy... and this is a diagram of her triangulation strategies in an attempt to get Rusty's food. 

The green blob is Millie's food bowl. The red are her nodal resting points and paths of travel. 



11. LOL

Pretty sure I've done this... honing my skills at good old Paper Plus and even till this day...?

We've all been there

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I've been having an internal debate about whether to share this secret with y'all. 

I love pies. (That's not the secret). 

The secret is about "where I get my pies from". Full credit goes to Dad, life-time pie connoisseur who has been probably eating these things as soon as he was allowed to eat solids.

Here's a teaser pic... 

so I get my pies from...


13. and that's a wrap! here's some 'new' music.

So sometimes this shows up on shuffle,  and it's pretty catchy. I remember when the video came out, people were swooning about how cute it was and admiring its spontaneity. Sorry guys, hate to break it to you but it was mostly orchestrated. 



Till next week my friends. #dab-out.

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