The Unburnt

Defeated and confused was all I had left as I looked at my phone. It was the tipping point. Beyond the emojis and bs it was time to dipset.

I thought a steady project would give me some stability but I was wrong. For the last f***** time I know where I want to be and it's not as a nurse or in the union. And like hell I would ever go on holiday with you, nor date your son.

It was clear; After months of badgering, negotiating and hustling they had me. I was done.


I lay in bed wide awake, pups had come to say good morning. She smelled like dove soap from yesterday. She put her head on my chest and made a loving pigeon noise.

I held her tightly, closing my eyes as she cooed away. I thought to myself, I just needed to let go and chill the f*** out.

I have my route planned out but it is still unknown. Just a big corporate abyss and me in alien status. "I'm far from done yet. What have I got to lose?" *insert girl with hands in the air, shrugging emoji*


I faced my reflection in the mirror. Eyes puffy. "Damn you look like sh*t." I thought.


I gave it everything almost everything. And today my body aches but I'm alive. I am relatively unscathed apart from a blistered knuckle but with enough lactic acid to burn a hole through the floor.