The Ol' Ball Game

After a brief commotion with the English dialect we had finally picked up our tickets. How is "will call" intuitive for "ticket pick up?!". Anywho we made our way to our seats. Mum and Dad wanted good tickets; their theory being, one baseball game is enough for a LONG time. We literally consumed for the full first hour; Buffalo wings, hot dogs, garlic fries and beer in a traditional American fashion. Awkwardly I didn't have much of an idea what was going on. All the while, Mum and Dad had NO idea what was going on. Dad had decided it was not really his thing and grew impatient. The Yankees were getting whipped by the Rangers and we hadn't seen a home run.

Then finally.

Dad starts yelling, "Six! Six! SIX!!!!!" in typical cricket fashion. He turns to looks at Mum and I with a big cheeky grin showing he was impressed with himself. One of three guys sitting in front of us turns around and interrupts my dad's cheeky romp. "And so whereabouts are you guys from?" he asks.

"Oh we're from New Zealand." my Dad says proudly.

"Oh New Zealand! We were there not so long ago. It's such a beautiful place. In fact Mikey, who's just gone to fetch us some beers, his sister is marrying a kiwi."

Two minutes later Mikey returns with four bud lights and my parents are now chatting with all three young men seated in front of us.

"Ah Mikey! These folks are from New Zealand." The one sitting in front of dad exclaimed.

So Mikey takes his seat in front of me and we start having our own conversation. He asks me what we're doing here and I explain to him my folks are just over for graduation. He asks me what I'm graduating from, and I tell him I've just finished up with architecture school and am currently in the industry of unemployment. Somewhat surprised Mikey then mentions how he's in real estate and knows a few architects. He mentions Gensler and co-managing director, I nod in excitement and he generously offers to help me out. Next minute we're exchanging instagram accounts and he hands me his business card, asking me to email him next week.

The next week I'm humming and harring about whether to email Mikey. I figure I've got nothing to lose. So I email him.

6 days later. No reply.

But my persistent nature still thinks, maybe he's just busy? And I still have nothing to lose.
So I email him again. This time I get an email response immediately, which is sincerely sorry for the late reply. I respond accordingly and he emails me about this co-managing director from Gensler and how I can meet her. As always there's a catch. I have to buy a ticket to a charity event which is $150! Mikey submits it's an expensive ordeal but explains how it will be held in the brand spanking new One World Trade Center and there will be flowing food and drink, plus I'll get to meet her in person AND it's for a good cause.
In the end I way everything up and buy myself a ticket. I've never been to charity event before, especially one where I don't know a single person, except Mikey. (Who I've only met once and I'm not certain if I can remember what he looks like.)

The night of the event rolls around. I make it my mission to find Mikey. But first to admire the spectacular view from the One World Trade. I find Mikey schmoozing with some other dapper looking gents and I quietly tap him on the shoulder. "Ash!" he exclaims. "Come, let's go and find Julia."
Let's just say the night was a great success and I felt like I was at a school social collecting phone numbers, except this time I was on the network, scoring business cards.


I'm perched on the end of a six seater couch on Level 15 in the reception of Gensler in the Rockerfeller Center waiting for an interview with one of the studio directors. Two weeks has passed since the charity event and Mikey has helped to land me an interview. Whilst not a job just yet at least my foot is in the door.