That was awesome! (Little did I know it was about to get awesomer.)

I walked to the front of mosh pit that had since emptied, hoping for a left over bottle of water. The stage crew had already started their routine. With only the thought of thirst on my mind someone pushed a small object into my hand. Woah woah woah! It was John Frusciante’s pick! Yeah-yahhhh. I politely thanked them and turned my back to the stage, completely surprised by my luck.
As I walked to the back of the venue another object flew over my head. A drumstick! I raced to grab it.

Although it was difficult to pick up as a girl had the other end. We started this strange tug of war. She was pulling very vigorously and I wondered about the potential of splinters.

Then she snarled so viciously, tore a look of possessed eyes at me and screamed “F*** OFF it’s MINE.”
I let go immediately.

I walked away totally bemused and bewildered that the situation had even occurred in the first place. I thought about how ridiculous it would have looked to a bystander and then about the sea of rage and greed that satiated her consciousness. “If it makes her happy.” I shrugged.