A Hug from Ghana

20170723_Snippets_A Hug from Ghana.jpg

Learn from the best.

It was a magnificent night, held on a vacant floor plate, 33 storeys in the air. I knew one other person out of the entire hoard and two acquaintances. 

Bougey was the best way to describe it at the very least. Fancy dresses, bow ties and custom made cocktails adorned the space with views of Central Park and the Hudson River. 

I had been wandering round, tasting bits of food and liquor. I noticed one of the event's celebrities from last year and thought I'd strike up a conversation. 

We chatted for sometime, so much so that people had to divert his attention elsewhere. His perspective was fresh, compassionate and genuinely kind. "Why aren't all kids these days like this? " I thought.

Then it was his queue to depart, mine also. He walked over and said, "thank you, it was so great to meet you and chat to you about the future." I wished him likewise and all the best for his journey home and he said thank you again. And gave me a hug.