Two Peas in a Pod


He lay there,
under the fluorescent light, 
his breath shallow and uneven. 
They called it the death rattle.

He opened his eyes.
The biggest I’d seen them in a long time.
They scanned the room.
We were all there.
Except his eldest daughter
His “girlfriend”.

He pursed them shut,
screwed up his face,
willing his body to extend that 1%.
“She’s coming, she’s coming.”
We all reassured.

Suddenly the door burst open
and there she was; 
His knight in shining armour to the rescue.
He gargled in relief,
as she slid by his side to help fend off his last enemy.

He was tired.
No, exhausted.
“I know you’re tired darling.” She said,
In a voice so calm and collected.

And once again they were
hand in hand,
arm in arm,
shoulder to shoulder,
cheek to cheek,
side by side.

Ash Low